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The London Team

The National Archive (TNA)

Dr. Amanda Bevan

Head of Legal Records and Head of the National Archives' Prize Papers Team 

Visit also her TNA page

Dr. Randolph Cock

Prize Papers Record Specialist

Dr. Oliver Finnegan 

Prize Papers Record Specialist 

Dr. Jess Nelson

Interim Head of Collections Expertise and Engagement

Sarah Noble

Senior Conservation Manager for Mass Digitisation and Large Scale Projects

Camilla Camus-Doughan

Project Conservator, Digitisation and Large Scale Projects

The German Historical Institute (GHIL)

Maria Cardamone

Imaging Operator

Mustapha Ousellam

Imaging Operator 

Former Team Members

Joanne Muhammad

Joanne was a Member of the Project from 2018 until 2021 and worked in the Photography Department of the National Archives in Kew, London.

Ambra d’Aleo

Ambra was a project conservator at the London National Archives working on the Prize Paper Project.

Keyeele Lawler-Dormer

Keyeele was a project conservator in the Prize Papers team in 2019.