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17th of May 2018: ABC News’ “Start Here” podcast, UK, Interview with Dr. Amanda Bevan, head of Legal Records at the National Archives of the U.K.

27th of April 2018:Dokumente aus der Zeit der Seekriege“. Newspaper article about the opening ceremony of the Prize Papers Project in Oldenburg, Nordwestzeitung (NWZ)

26th of April 2018: Prize Papers Project launches at Oldenburg Castle. Newsletter of The National Archives, U.K.

21st of November 2017:Historiker heben einen vergessenen Schatz“. Newspaper article about the Prize Papers Project, Nordwestzeitung (NWZ)

19th of February 2016: TV interview and presentation of the Prize Papers Project as part of the series “Forum Wissenschaft” on local TV broadcaster O1

12th of November 2015:Workshop on “Materiality of Letters and Letter Locking” Interview with Prof. Dr. James Daybell, Professor of Early Modern British History, Plymouth University, …

…. and Dr. Daniel Starza Smith, Lincoln College University of London, member of the project ‘Signed, Sealed & Undelivered’,